Thursday, September 26, 2013

Christmas Craft Books

I've been to several thrift stores in the past weeks and have found absolutely nothing of value. Lots of lots of things for sale - but nothing worth buying. It has been disappointing to say the least. This past weekend I went to three different thrift stores on Saturday looking for Pyrex. There was nothing. I did however find a few records and some vintage craft books - all for Christmas.

These are the craft books. They were published in the early 1970's. I love the projects in them. They are retro enough that they are back in style again - and not dated and ugly. I swear Martha Stewart must find vintage craft mags and steal their ideas. Some of the projects remind me of things I've seen in her magazines. I was thinking of listing these on etsy but now I'm not sure. The projects are great.

I love these felt gingerbread houses.
Lots of cute ornaments to make.
 Check out the mouse sleeping on the hammock! LOVE.
And these awesome felt silhouette scenes of kids playing in the snow.

I also bought two records at the same store. I am dreaming of the day when I can actually play these. I want a vintage stereo/record player in the worst way - but have yet to find one that I can afford or I like the looks of. Since these records were only a quarter each I bought them anyway - for the future. I mean who can resist an album with vintage Barbra? I can't.

All if all I am happy with these finds!


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  1. I remember my mom making those felt mice for the annual Christmas Bazaar one year. They were made to be Christmas ornaments and they dressed the mice all kinds of different ways. They were very popular. I don't think they had any left at the end of the day. Oh, the memories...

  2. My sister had tons of records that belonged to our dad, but no record player. She also wanted an old one so in the meantime I bought her one of the Crosley reproduction ones last Christmas. She loves it & it should hold her over until the real deal comes along.

    Love those craft books. Can't wait to see if you use them :-)


  3. You are right about Martha Stewart and her crew. Every idea she supposedly has was once in a book or magazine years ago. I have been a crafter since the 1960's and remember them all!


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