Friday, September 27, 2013

Week Night Thrift Store Run...

This week I needed to take a last minute trip to the thrift looking for something for a project. I didn't find what I went there for, but I did come away with a few things.

I bought these orange candles. They are the perfect color orange for Halloween. I think they look good against the white milk glass.

I also found this sweet little pitcher. It was only 99 cents. It will make a cute little vase.

These finds - which cost me next to nothing - made my Monday evening!


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  1. Love all your beautiful milk glass!! And, the pitcher is so sweet! Happy weekend! xo Heather

  2. SO jealous of your milk glass candlesticks! I have been looking at estate sales, thrift stores (not a lot of selection around my parts) and some yard sales (which have been awful) and no luck yet on finding any! I am trying to be patient... but what a great collection of milk glass! I am re-building my collection; I collected for over 25 years and my entire collection was broken during a move! So slowly this past year I have started to look for pieces.


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