Thursday, September 5, 2013

Red Cupboard

I have this amazing red country cupboard in my dining room. I use it to store some of my vintage glassware and dishes - those that I don't use all of the time. I love the color of the red paint that is on the inside of this cabinet. I have a soft spot for red! Sometimes I leave the doors open and enjoy the display of "stuff" and other times I close the doors for a simpler look. The outside of the cabinet is white. I bought this as is at an antique store. I haven't had to do anything to it.


Right now I have my ever-growing milk glass collection displayed on the top.
A peek inside...

 My flower glasses collection

 vintage tablecloths

I hang things from the doors too. 

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  1. Love your cupboard..and all it's belonging.

  2. I totally need a cupboard like that to store all of the items that I like to rotate out on a monthly basis (glasses, linens, pottery). I also need a place to put it:-).

    Love your floral glasses. Vintage glassware is a SERIOUS weakness of mine, along with just about everything else.


  3. I love every single thing about this post!! I have now looked over each picture four times!! Its so lovely!! Do you open it and stare at all that goodness all the time?? I would ;) thanks for sharing!!

    1. Harriette - Thank you so much for your kind words. This comment made my day! Sometimes I do stare at it! Other times I think that maybe I have too much stuff :) Some of the things I will probably never part with - like the flower glasses and some of the dishes that didn't show up very clearly in the pictures. Thanks again for visiting and making me smile.


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