Friday, September 6, 2013

Would you buy this?

Have you ever seen something for sale that your heart said "buy" but your head said "no don't"? That was the case with this very worn and shabby print that I found at an estate sale recently.

I did end up buying it...even though it is water damaged. That didn't dissuade me from buying it in the least. I love it and couldn't leave it behind.

I did get it for half price. We got to the sale late in the day and everything was selling for half of what it is marked. {So that made the purchase easier.}

Here is a close up of the print. It features lavender hydrangeas. I think it is the muted colors that I love the most about it. It is very soft, feminine, vintage and romantic. I plan on hanging it over my bed.

When it is hung I promise to show pictures of how FAB it is!


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  1. Is that a mat around it that you could replace? It is sweet, but if I could remat it I would. (Although it looks long? You might be stuck cutting a mat yourself!)

  2. Heck yes I would have bought that! Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flowers and that picture is so perfectly shabby I can't stand it.

    Great find!


  3. I LOVE yard long prints!!! So pretty! And hard to find!


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